Selections from Rene's catalog:

My Mama Told Me 'Bout You:
Beautiful  (MP3, 304KB)
Comfort  (MP3, 463KB)
Demons  (MP3, 312KB)
Sting  (MP3, 345KB)

Brother Bliss: Earthquakes and Bliss:
Mixed and mastered by Doug Hewitt at Watercourse Studios, South Amherst, MA
The Bridge  (MP3, 357KB)
Back to the Beginning  (MP3, 325KB)
Baby I Love Your Grand Jeté  (MP3, 189KB)

HoliDAZED! The Best of Young People's Theater:
Co-created with and sung by the kids of Young People's Theater and Rene Lewis Pfister
Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney  (MP3, 220KB)
Santa's Going On a Diet  (MP3, 457KB)
Chef Magnifique  (MP3, 273KB)
Meditating Kumquat  (MP3, 429KB)

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